Methods of Art – Archive of Artists Interviews


artist group, since 1993. On invitation from different art institutions, the artist group WochenKlausur develops concrete proposals aimed at small, but nevertheless effective improvements to socio-political deficiencies. Proceeding even further and invariably translating these proposals into action, artistic creativity is no longer seen as a formal act but as an intervention into society. Wolfgang Zinggl led WochenKlausur until 1997. Since then, interventions have also been organized by Stefania Pitscheider, Katharina Lenz and Pascale Jeannée. Now the association WochenKlausur comprises six members (Katharina Lenz, Pascale Jeannée, Susanna Niedermayr, Stefania Pitscheider, Erich Steurer and Wolfgang Zinggl) who have all participated in multiple projects. WochenKlausur’s office is housed in a former storefront at Gumpendorferstrasse 20 in Vienna. It is responsible for conceiving and organizing new interventions, recruiting local artists from the communities where projects are to be held, and supporting professional implementation and follow-up work. Furthermore, it also serves as an information center for activist art.


The interview was conducted on Januar 11 2014 at Hebbel am Ufer during „Solidarity & Unionising“ in Berlin.

Interviewed by: Johannes M. Hedinger

Filmed and recorded by: Paul Barsch

Edited by: Paul Barsch

Transcript by: Lea Hoßbach

Translation by: Lisa James

Produced by: University of Cologne (Cologne), Institut für Kunst&Kunsttheorie