Methods of Art – Archive of Artists Interviews


*1961 born in Switzerland, is an artist who works mainly in the field of performance and installation. For his art work he got several national und international awards. Siss Federal Prize for Fine Arts; 1997, 1998, 2000, UNESCO Award for the promotion of the Arts 1999. He was involved in the conception and realization of international festivals in Basel, Switzerland: Performance-Index 1995/1996/1999. In the context of Universities of Arts he is active in research projects on performativity: 2004/05 Perform Space, Swiss National Science Foundation 2006/7 The Situated Body, Swiss National Science Foundation, 2009/11 Kunstvermittlung in Transformation, Swiss National Science Foundation. He works currently as head of the Masterprogram Art Education, University of the Arts Zurich.


The interview was conducted on December 4 2013 at University of Cologne.

Interviewed by: Konstanze Schuetze
Filmed and recorded by: Sandra Korintenberg, Raphael Di Canio, Louisa Genova
Edited by: Paul Barsch
Transcript by: Lea Hoßbach
Translated by: Lisa James
Produced by: University of Cologne (Cologne), Institut für Kunst&Kunsttheorie