Methods of Art – Archive of Artists Interviews


The Street art group „Zlye“ is a creative association consisting of an unspecified number of artists. It exists since the mid-2000s. Previously works by this art-group appeared only in the streets and were very provocative. Recently works can be also seen in exhibition halls and galleries of contemporary art centers. The main motive for creativity of „Zlye“ is a reflection of reality, by artistic allegories.


The interview was conducted on August 19 2015 with Alexander and Stanislav from ZLYE at the NCCA building in Ekaterinburg.

Interviewed by: Johannes M. Hedinger

Filmed and recorded by: Alexander Kiryutin, Alexander Petkov

Edited by: Alexander Kiryutin, Alexander Petkov

Transkript by: Daria Koltushkina

Set producer: Anna Litovskikh

Produced by: 3rd Ural Industrial Biennial Of Contemporary Art Ekaterinburg, Russia

Special thanks to: NCCA, Pro Helvetia, Com&Com