Methods of Art – Archive of Artists Interviews


Swedish artist based in Berlin. She completed her training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm for Modern and Contemporary Dance and explores the fake and real, possibilities and limitations of the body and technology. As an Artist and Stunt double, Wretman thrives on pushing her limits and improving the state of her surrounding. Her persona and image become like design elements in works that toy with the tropes of performed actions. In her works she also takes on the role of a marionette in a metaphorical sense. She uses these performative investigations to probe at the instrumentalization of a world of products and consumptive coercion. Wretman has performed at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt (2014), the Palais de Tokyo (2012), Bergen Kunsthall (2011), Darsa Comfort in Zurich (2010), Kunsthalle Athena in Athens (2010) and NADA art fair in Miami (2009). Her video performance Dave was shown at the 12th Biennale of Lyon in 2013 and her television series Fitness For Artists is shown on Arte Creative TV. She also performs as a stuntwoman in numerous tv shows and cinema.


The interview was conducted on Januar 11 2014 at Studio Nihil Baxter Berlin.

Interviewed by: Johannes M. Hedinger

Filmed and recorded by: Paul Barsch

Edited by: Paul Barsch

Transcript by: Lea Hoßbach, Ella Tetrault

Produced by: University of Cologne (Cologne), Institut für Kunst&Kunsttheorie