Methods of Art – Archive of Artists Interviews


* in Moscow/RU, graduated from Moscow Architectural College (MARKHI). Working in collaboration from 2010 with Stephen J. Shanabrook, the artist created advertising campaign for renowned fashion label Comme des Garçons. They also collaborated with Saatchi and Saatchi advertising agency to create ad campaign for 25th anniversary of Reporters Without Borders, which included TV commercial. The project was shortlisted for Lion Award at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The artists have exhibited throughout the world in numerous solo and group exhibitions, included Drawing Center / New York, Swiss Institute / New York, Ljubljana Contemporary Art Museum and Moscow Biennale. Georgieva also is a frequent contributor for Russian edition of Art Newspaper & Numero among other cultural publications. Veronika Georgieva is based in New York City (USA) and Moscow (Russia).


The interview was conducted on March 14 2014 in the artist’s studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Interviewed by: Johannes M. Hedinger

Filmed and recorded by: Konstanze Schütze

Edited by: Paul Barsch

Transcript by: Lisa James and Ella Tetrault

Produced by: University of Cologne (Cologne), Institut für Kunst&Kunsttheorie

Special thanks to: Stephen Shanabrook