Methods of Art – Archive of Artists Interviews


The interview was conducted on October 2013 at the artist’s studio in Berlin

Interviewed by: Konstanze Schütze
Filmed and recorded by: Paul Barsch, Sandra Korintenberg, Raphael Di Canio
Edited by: Paul Barsch
Transcript by: Lea Hoßbach
Translated by: Lisa James, Clara Dorn
Produced by: University of Cologne (Cologne), Institut für Kunst&Kunsttheorie


*1992 founded, a group of four german artist. The group’s activity focuses on site-specific art, in particular public art projects. The members of the group are: Hans Hemmert, Berlin, Germany (born 1960); Axel Lieber, Malmø, Sweden (born 1960); Thomas A. Schmidt, Cologne, Germany (born 1960); and Georg Zey, Berlin, Germany (born 1962).

In addition to collaborating within the group, each artist is also involved in his own successful career as an individual artist. 

The group INGES IDEE was founded in 1992 with the aim of focusing on site-specific public art projects. With this objective in mind, the team work has served to enrich a creative process in which new and challenging solutions for problems arising in this field are found. The specific requirements and circumstances which accompany these projects are much more complex than is ordinarily the case with the normal exhibition situation. Therefore, collaborating within a group of individually working artists, all of whom differ in opinion, skill and judgment, can be the perfect tool for analyzing and discussing the considerations and problems arising in these projects. We don’t feel bound to a certain „style”; therefore, we’re free to adapt the media that best correspond to a given site, whether this involves sculpture, architectural intervention, sound, computer animation, or light, etc.