Methods of Art – Archive of Artists Interviews


The interview was conducted on October 2013 at the artist’s office in Cologne.

Interviewed by: Konstanze Schuetze
Filmed and recorded by: Sandra Korintenberg, Paul Barsch
Edited by: Paul Barsch
Transcript by: Lea Hoßbach
Translated by: Lisa James, Clara Dorn
Produced by: University of Cologne


*1971, born in St.Gallen, is an artist, curator, publisher and lecturer living and working in Zurich and New York. Hedinger is founding member of the artist group Com&Com and had solo shows at, among other, Kunstwerke Berlin, Kunsthaus Zurich, Knockdown Center New York. His work has been included in numerous international exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale (2001), Shanghai Biennale (2012), Moscow Biennale (2010), Singapore Biennale (2006), Sharjah Biennale (2005). He taught internationally, currently at Zurich University of the Arts and University of Cologne. In 2014 he co-founded „Methods of Art“, an artist video interview archive and in 2013 „What’s Next?“ and a series of anthologies on particular themes and practices in contemporary art. Since 2015 he is the founding director of Alps Art Academy. WEB:,,